On-going work , learning from the tradition of Japanese wood block printmaking. Since January 2019 , Harry has been self learning the art of Moku hanga. His wishes to enter into the realms of story telling with this medium. The first piece is a story about the creation of his mandala “Dragons Gate”. Depicting a ceremony with Huachuma, the Cactus. At a beautiful space just outside of Bega, Victoria. This block represents his loves, Architecture, Art and Visionary Plants. In traditional Japanese Style, WIth Kanji “Grandfather Ceremony”. Work in Progress- More infomation Click here.

Study in Lead Light Windows , Since June 2019 : Harry has been interested in learning this craft, to eventually create mandalic windows. He sees the tradition as sacred, expressing divinity through geometry and light. It is early days, but the inspiration is alight. More infomation Click here.