Visual works bridging traditions in eastern art and plant medicine, transmitted through mandalic form. Anchoring an innate wisdom from the past and plants into the present awareness of the viewers

Co-Founder of INNATIVE Art Collective

The journey began with studies in Architecture at RMIT: Melbourne. I Left University early to work at STUDIOBIRD, before travelling overseas to learn the art of Natural building. During this time i deepened my relationship with medicinal plants , and began designing mandala gateways using the knowledge i gained both from my studies, in architecture and with entheogens. This trip created both “The Sacred Prism” and “Tibetan Dreamtime” , forming the areas of study i wished to deepen. These would be the first of many projects as a solo visionary.

Aiming to fuse art and architecture, with the earth once again.

What a gift we have received to be here.
How may we give back to this sacred planet.

all my work is dedicated to Gratitude
and to the Hope that in these complex times, we may find unity through a common language of the heart.

Thank you