We came together and created INNATIVE collective in April 2017.
Making our first exhibition at The Nook Gallery in Mornington, Victoria.

We recently finished our second show Jan 17 to Feb 3rd at 4Dverse in St Kilda.

Innative collective is a multidisciplinary group of artists coming together for their second exhibition. Going deeper into the visionary realms and anchoring them into the heart of the human experience, they are co-creating collective dreams and weaving together through a shared connection to the earth and each other.

Visual works bridging traditions in eastern art and plant medicine, transmitted through mandalic form. Anchoring an innate wisdom from the past and plants into the present awareness of the viewer. www.hazelmandala.com / @hazel_mandala

Ben creates intuitive visual art . Inspired by nature, dreams, visions, folk art & mythology ; Bens art is a result of practicing flow states & letting go . By tapping into the subconscious & using archetypal symbolism, Ben weaves together layered & multidimensional images with a focus on the spirit & ethereal realms. www.benlopezart.com / @benlopezart

Vero creates from a colourful space that exists within her visions. Drawing from nature, groovy colour palettes, patterns and symmetry - her familiar imagery invited the viewer to step into her comforting world. Weaving a dream, her hand is intuitive and playful as she expresses her being into paint.

Visionary paintings and lineworks. Vondove's detailed collages depict reverent portraits woven with nature, symbols and layered dimensions. They explore culture, the masculine-feminine balance and common threads in humanity. www.etsy.com/shop/vondove / @vondove

Dancing in the realms of hot glass a process steeped in traditional pasts linking back to thousands of years ago, Hamish is creating contemporary works with correlation to the human experience. Capturing the surreal malleability and process of the material as it freezes in time.

Jean creates intricate wearable artworks inspired by Sacred Geometry and ancient symbols. Her work is all handcut using a jewellers piercing saw, and made from sustainable and recycled metals. She aims to create unique talismanic artifacts, imbued with symbolism, to help inspire and empower the wearer. www.jeanburgers.com / @jeanburgersjewellery

Moonsage weaves the unknown yet known threads of universal tapestry. With artworks inspired from natural surroundings, plant magik and culture of existence from past, present and future. Exploring the ancient yet futuristic mischtechnique with details using mediums of ink, oil and acrylic paint. She also creates wearable art that brings forth a style that is inspired by tribal & nomadic essence - visually and aesthetically.

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For more information stay updated on
INNATIVE collective or @innativecollective
And with the Gallery: 4Dverse.
The Innative crew


2017 - at the Nook Gallery

2017 - at the Nook Gallery

2019 - Echoes of our dreams at 4DVERSE

2019 - Echoes of our dreams at 4DVERSE